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Decreasing Suspensions and Increasing Attention on the School Climate

The intent of public education has always been to prepare children for the demands of the real world; however, there have been many different philosophies on how to get this accomplished. Recently, major changes have occurred in the discipline ideologies of multiple school districts across America. Research has proven that a strict suspension policy for students does not benefit children. The point of education is to get students in the seats, not send them home or on the streets.

Some of the discipline reform has centered around mindful meditation, in school suspension, and positive behavior reinforcement. While school districts across the country have seen a decrease in suspensions, many report that the school climate has taken a negative turn. In New York, specifically, teachers and students report that violence, respect, and morale are lower since the new mayor, Mr. de Blasio took over two years ago. In New York, the lack of attention placed on climate of the schools has had negative consequences. While suspensions are down, negative behaviors are up, and the safety of all people in the schools is a concern. This mistake is a common one. Cutting down on suspensions is important, but one change cannot reform an entire educational institution alone. Educators need to look inside the walls to address the real issues at hand and balance a reduction of suspensions with a focus on a positive school environment.

In order to really make a difference inside the walls of our schools, we must work to make the environment respectful, professional, and safe for all involved. For more information on increasing the school climate and increasing the motivation of all stakeholders in education, contact us today. When our kids are successful, our country is too.

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