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Professional Development

SCS offers a collection of online training modules that provides educators with actionable solutions for everyday school climate problems..

Individualized Experience

Our Push-and-Pull-Model provides for individualized learning through a combination of basic training modules and on demand short strategy based video lessons. Each topic bundle includes both basic knowledge that can be used towards compliance training and on demand modules for teachers to view based on individual needs.

Actionable Lessons

At SCS we translate research into actionable modules with realistic strategies that teachers can use immediately in their classrooms.  As one teacher mentioned on a recent survey: “We need real life examples and solutions.” On this same survey, 72% of teachers mentioned that having on demand access to effective strategies would be extremely helpful.


Our Library includes modules on the following topics:

· Social Emotional Learning 101: What Every Educator Needs to Know

· Social Emotional Learning: School Family Partnerships

· Social Emotional Learning: Classroom Integration

· Mental Health and Mental Wellness

· Depression and Suicide

· Anxiety 101

· Bullying 101: What Every Educator Needs to Know

· Real Solutions to LGBT Bullying

· Real Solutions to Cyberbullying

· Partnering With Parents in Bullying Situations

Our Value for Educators and Mental Health Professionals

Actionable Lessons

Real Solutions

Engaging Platform

On Demand Access

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